iSyncr for iTunes – PC v4.2.1.2

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iTunes for Windows required. Mac version also available in the Play Store.

Want to stop carrying both your phone and your iPod? Keep your music fresh with smart playlists? iSyncr enables you to quickly sync your Android device with the music you have in iTunes using a simple to use interface. No need to move your music into a new music management software. iSyncr works directly with iTunes so you can sync hassle-free.

Go beyond just music syncing with these additional features:
☆ Work directly with your existing iTunes playlists and libraries for fast setup
☆ Sync with a cord over USB or sync wirelessly with a WiFi connection
☆ Also works over MTP, unlike other top solutions
☆ Include album art with your music to enjoy on your phone
☆ Sync your ratings, play counts, skip counts, last played date, and last skipped date between iTunes and your phone to keep your smart playlists up to date
☆ Have a device with internal and external memory? Choose which drive each playlist syncs to
☆ Sync with multiple iTunes Libraries
☆ Create smart playlists on your phone using the Live Lists feature
☆ Sync your MP3 downloads on your phone back to your iTunes library
☆ Sync your video and podcasts for a complete iPod replacement
☆ Sync Android playlists back to your computer
☆ Automate wireless syncing of your music and videos on a schedule

Combine iSyncr with our free Rocket Player music player to take advantage of these additional features:
☆ Sync new playlists and playlist changes back to iTunes
☆ Sync podcast bookmarks to and from iTunes
☆ iSyncr Live Lists dynamically update while playing
☆ Sync video play counts

Note: This app will not sync copy protected music or videos but will alert you to which songs will not be synced to your device.

For information on how to get started and to learn about more features and options for using iSyncr to sync your music visit

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Download iSyncr for iTunes – PC v4.2.1.2
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