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Maze Legends: The Beginning

Maze Legends: The Beginning
Maze Legends: The Beginning l Version: 1.0.1 | Size: 19.66MB Developers: Lazy Legends Studios | Language: English Time to be a legend! The legendary maze game series are beginning in 3D. “Maze Legends: The Beginning” loaded with 300 unique hand crafted mazes and 50 amazing traps. Furthermore, there are different play modes for everyone. **FEATURES** […]

Let's Create Pottery v1.54 apk

Let’s Create! Pottery With Let’s Create: Pottery making ceramics has never been more simple and fun!        Become a true artist and create “one of a kind” pottery items and share them with your friends! Throw the clay on the wheel, release all your artistic talents and take benefit of dozens of materials […]

Hidden Object – Call of Horror

Hidden Object - Call of Horror l Version: | Size: 32.45MB Developers: Big Bear Entertainment | Language:English New Horrible game Added!  You enter a dark and spooky room. You can only hear your own breath and sound of dripping BLOOD. What happended? Walls, floors, ceilings, windows, curtains…You see BLOOD Everywhere. No one knows […]

SimpleRockets v1.5.8 APK

SimpleRockets Design your own rocket ships. Blast off into space. Explore the solar system. See if you have what it takes to be a rocket scientist.   CREATE Choose and connect parts together to build rocket ships. You can choose from a variety of rocket engines, fuel tanks, and other gizmos. You can even build rovers with […]

1001 Attempts

1001 Attempts
1001 Attempts l Version: 1.2.1 | Size: 9.84 MB Developers: Everplay Interactive | Language: English Get ready to flip out with 1001 Attempts! ENDLESSLY ADDICTIVE GAMEPLAY Tired of games that claim to be addictive? Well, you shouldn’t be because addictive can be fun! 1001 Attempts introduced exciting yet simple gameplay elements that keep you coming […]

Dark Avenger v1.0.3 Mod

Description: Enter the dungeon and hack-n-slash your way towards immortality! The highly anticipated dungeon crawler arrives on mobile!Evil has awoken from its slumber. Our heroes must rise and send the forces of darkness back to the depths of hell. Choose from three heroic classes: Templar, Archer, or Mage. Equipped with enhanced, intuitive controls, you will […]