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App: Game Guardian 6.0.2 APK

Download Game Cuardian Cracker. New update to version 0.6.2 How to use game guardian: Click the icon of the dog. Click search and enter the value you want to change (cash, gold, exp whatever you want) When you do will show you a few results now need to change this value (buy something, etc.) Click […]

Game: Exitium Saviour Vardona Full Version Free Shoping 1.1.3 APK Direct Link

Download and play game EXITIUM SAVIOUR OF VARDONA Full Version for android. New update with version 1.1.3 Exitium: Saviors of Vardonia “is a large-scale Android platform action RPG game, with four different roles, each character has their own unique skills, characteristics, equipment, and the story, like to play the game story, players do not miss. […]

Warlords RTS HD: Strategy game

Warlords RTS HD: Strategy game
Warlords RTS HD: Strategy game l Version: 1.58 | Size: 37.62MB Developers: Simos Games | Language: English Warlords RTS: Clash of Thrones primary objective is to create a GREAT gameplay experience! The battle for fantasy world of Aldfarne begins, so hurry with your defense preparations! On your journey to defeat fierce evil hordes, you’ll face […]

Sniper Hero – Death War

Sniper Hero - Death War
Sniper Hero - Death War l Version: 1.2 | Size: 13.53MB Developers: PlayFun | Language: English City has been occupied by terrorists. You need to kill all the terrorists and save the city, as a true hero! ! ! New power-ups and weapons! ! ! Vivid background sound and lifelike game graphics! ! ! More […]

PC Monitor

PC Monitor
PC Monitor l Version: 4.1 | Size: 3.34MB Developers: MMSOFT Design | Language: English Monitor and manage mission-critical IT systems using this secure app that gives you complete control of your computers and applications from anywhere, anytime.PC Monitor dramatically reduces the level of manual checks support engineers have to do on a daily basis and […]


“OH NO,ZOMBIES!”people screamed out and ran away.Waves of zombies come from everywhere and the hole city fell into a mess.That’t what happend in the city.But now,you,a brave soldier,will help the people fight against those zombies and get them out there.Don’t be scared,just shoot them,blow them and smash them.Good luck,soldier!Features:*Specific graphic design and animations.*Different styles of […]