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Rochard l Version: 1.50.31 | Size: 8.51MB Developers: Recoil Games Ltd. | Language: English GAMEPAD REQUIRED! Grab a G-Lifter – your new best friend! Use it to change gravity at will, manipulate the environment, and throw huge crates at your enemies. Join the amazing exploits of astro-miner John Rochard and embark on a gravity-bending journey […]

Dynamic Keyboard Free

Dynamic Keyboard Free
Dynamic Keyboard Free l Version: 1.9.3 | Size: 1.42MB Developers: Alastair Breeze | Language: English Dynamic Keyboard! A keyboard that changes as you type!Smart, Fast and Accurate!We have new technologies like touch screens, yet we are still utilizing them as if theywere static buttons, without animations! How does this help us?Using machine learning technologies and […]

Steam Punks v1.6 APK

Steam Punks Monster Robot Studios is proud to present Steam Punks!        Steam Punks is a action platformer RPG inspired by classics SNES games like Mega man X. Elite Enforcer Dunns Calhan is on his mission to take on the Bowler Gang and get back a stolen invention. Features: Loads to explore and […]

Slingshot Racing v1.3.3.2

Description: Slingshot Racing is an original racing game developed exclusively for touchscreen devices. Behold a beautiful steampunk environment with ice tracks, grappling hooks, snowmen and more! Pro Tip: To deploy the hook try picking a corner of the screen and just keep pressing there. You do not need to press on the towers to slingshot. REVIEWS★ […]

Game: RPG Silver Nornir 1.0.3 APK

Download and enjoy fantasy RPG that features an expansive world where you unravel its story!Journey through the world with friends and allies and unfold new adventures! FEATURE: Featuring a wide cast of characters! Each has their own story to tell.✓ An intense battle system that includes magic gems, special moves, and combo moves with other characters! […]

Farming Simulator 14 v1.1.1 apk

Farming Simulator 14 Start your agricultural career in Farming Simulator 14 on mobile and tablet!        Take control of your farm and its fields to fulfil your harvesting dreams. As well as a refined look and feel, Farming Simulator 14 gives you double the number of farm machines to control, all authentically modelled […]