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Hang On

Hang On l Version: 1.0 | Size: 14.05MB Developers: CLIMBER´S FINGERS s.r.o. | Language: English Do you want to just relax or train your vocabulary in a foreign language? For both, you can use our special version of the very well known hangman game. Why is it actually so special? Our game consists of one […]

Real Racing 3 v1.0.59 (Offline/Unlimited Money)

Description: Hyper-realistic. Pure fun. And FREE. Real Racing 3 sets a new standard for mobile racing games – it really must be experienced to be believed. Trailblazing new features include officially licensed tracks, an expanded 22-car grid, and over 45 meticulously detailed cars from makers like Porsche, Lamborghini, Dodge, Bugatti, and Audi. Plus, racing with […]

Dragon Slayer Arena

Dragon Slayer Arena
Dragon Slayer Arena l Version: 3.0 | Size: 15.84MB Developers: Dragon Slayer Entertainment LLC | Language:English Welcome to the arena – welcome to your doom. Jump into Dragon Slayer Arena today CHALLENGING AND ADDICTIVE GAMEPLAY – BECOME A SLAYER. Ancient legend tells of a mighty warrior – one who dares to brave the courageous adventure […]

Grammar & Spelling Keyboard

Ginger Spelling and Grammar Keyboard is the only app that makes it simple for anyone to write high-quality text, in addition to correcting typos, errors and misused words with a single click.Ginger “…allows users to send better, less embarrassing texts and higher quality writing” – Techcrunch“The app saves time by giving you the ability to […]

IM+ Pro

IM+ Pro
IM+ Pro l Version: 6.5.9| Size: 7.87MB Developers: SHAPE | Language: English One app, all your messaging.IM+ Pro supports all major IM services, including Facebook, Skype, MSN/Live Messenger, Google Talk, Yahoo!, AIM/iChat, ICQ, MeinVZ, Gadu-Gadu, RenRen, Jabber, mig33, SINA Weibo, Fetion, Mamba.Ru, VKontakte, Yandex IM, Odnoklassniki.Ru and Mail.Ru Agent.Below you may find the list of […]


CYBERGON l Version: 1.1 | Size: 9.68MB Developers: Robot Invader | Language:English The Year is Cyberpunk. Vast Cyberspace networks are ruled by malevolent mega CyberCorporations. Humanity’s only hope is a team of CyberHackers, a scrappy crew of anti-establishment net running punks. Nobody else is deft enough to navigate the megacorp’s killer ICE: CyberViruses that can […]