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Legend of Empire – Daybreak

Legend of Empire - Daybreak l Version: 1.0.4 | Size: 48.46MB Developers: Fingerdance | Language: English Conquer the ancient realm, build your powerful empire, evoke the lost glory! Legend of Empire is a brilliant mixture of fast-paced strategy and tactical combat. Just PLAY FOR FREE in this addictive simulation and strategy MMO game! ✔BUILD YOUR […]

Dead Corps Zombie Assault

Dead Corps Zombie Assault
Dead Corps Zombie Assault l Version: 1.0 | Size: 13.66MB Developers: Disrupted Logic Interactive | Language: English They called it an Apocalypse but it was more like a Zombie assault. It started with just one person, then two, four, eight and before we realized what had happened entire city populations had turned into savage, blood […]

Two Souls Pro

Two Souls Pro
Two Souls Pro l Version: 1.0 | Size: 33.14MB Developers: Derp Studios | Language: English 2Souls has finally hit Android! Derp Studios winning game candidate from the Swan PR competition, with special thanks to Train2Game and many others in getting the game where it is today. We hope you enjoy playing it as much as […]

Jumping Joe

Jumping Joe
Jumping Joe l Version: 2.0 | Size: 13.47MB Developers: Samir Tirmizi | Language: English Jumping Joe wants to reach moon… But there is NO rocket available for him Jumping Joe needs to JUMP flying stairs through sky and space to reach moon!!! And he needs smart person to guide him through space by tilting phone/tablet […]

Babel Rising 3D v2.2.19

Description: Play God Almighty in Babel Rising 3D to prevent the Babylonians from building the famous Babel tower. Unleash your wrath and mortify these arrogant humans with your divine powers. Summon bolts of lightning, massive earthquakes, meteor showers or vengeful floods upon the Babylonians: The perfect apocalyptic arsenal.Your divine intervention will be crucial to resist […]

Happy Mall Story: Shopping Sim

Happy Mall Story: Shopping Sim l Version: 1.3.3 | Size: 19.5MB Developers: Happy Labs | Language: English Build and deco your virtual dream shopping center with Happy Mall Story! 
5/5 “I love this management game. And it can be play offline” 
5/5 “This is one of the best tycoon games” 
✔ […]